ICCS academy story

Welcome to I.C.C.S Academy

I.C.C.S Academy believes that impacting lives means providing tools, access, and solutions for everyone to master the fundamentals of life. We are a leader in providing workforce training that produces dedicated, qualified, and highly skilled career employees. Our program’s unique integration of wraparound services addresses the needs of the student and their family; which leads to consistency, longevity within the workforce, and a financially stable lifestyle.

Disenfranchised Learners

Our program is intentional in recruiting and selecting people who classify as disenfranchised e.g., homeless individuals, members of the LGBTQ+ community, persons in the foster care system, persons with disabilities, refugees, veterans, women, and youth.

High Quality Training

Hands-on training, on-the-job training, and potential college credit towards an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. Academy offers individuals an opportunity to envision an extended career in construction with a progression in skills and wages.

Blended Learning Models

We believe education must evolve enough to cater to learner’s suitability as it, and in pursuant of this belief we conduct consistent and systematic monitoring of student progress as we have drafted online modules of each course with pre-quiz, quiz, post-quiz and learning activities included.

Train a Workforce

We train individuals to become skilled labor force members while taking a holistic approach to navigating obstacles that prevent them from being successful.

Create an Industry

These Apprentices generate the talent pipeline for the skilled construction labor force.

Provide Organization

Through strategic partnerships I.C.C.S Academy will specialize in providing skilled and quality trades personnel.


Our I.C.C.S Wraparound Program is a solution-based service that focuses on the whole person.



The apprentices I received from I.C.C.S have been excellent. The wrap around services make this partnership a true WIN-WIN for all parties involved. Great people and great company!


I like how you all put this together. I'm getting my bachelor's in construction at Texas State, and this really isn't that far off from the classes I'm taking. This apprenticeship program is just what I need to get me going right out the door.


AS an active military professional, I have an expectation for excellence. Order, structure, reliability, all critically important. I want to get this certificate to one, support a great program, but two, expand on the services I can provide. Job well done I.C.C.S Academy.



The demand for construction employees continues to remain strong as employment levels reached the highest point in history and experienced 31 months of consecutive growth up to February 2020 Creating a sustainable and equitable pipeline to training is the only way to secure the future of the eight trillion-dollar global construction industry. Between the years 2018-2028, the construction industry is projected to add an estimated 64,000 jobs. Since construction laborers make up the majority of the construction employment, we are starting there; however, our goal is to increase the number of people working with construction technology and innovation.

I.C.C.S Academy is a Dept. of Labor approved Registered Apprenticeship Program. We are also Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) approved. In addition to these certifications, we are able to provide other IBC’s through NCCER. Our fundamentals of construction course are a 55-hour, asynchronous learning module that is the introductory section of the apprenticeship. The courses are sequenced to allow students without construction experience, or prior knowledge, to build fundamental skills.

I.C.C.S Academy allows participants with little to no experience an opportunity to build a foundational knowledge base. Students will graduate with their OSHA 10-Hour, CPR/AED/First Aid Certification; while receiving career counseling, wraparound services and registered apprenticeship opportunities. I.C.C.S takes pride in providing high-quality training in a variety of occupations such as health care, information technology and more.

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